Cameron Lodge Cottage & Gardens

Cameron Lodge Cottage & Gardens

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767 Mount Macedon Road, Mount Macedon VIC 3441

Perfect for the whole family

Nestled in the grounds of one of Australia's oldest hill stations, Cameron Lodge is the ideal place to stay if you’re looking for a destination that is bursting with culture, history, and character. Dating from 1886, Cameron Lodge gives visitors the opportunity to stay in The Cottage, an idyllic residence hidden away amongst century-old trees.

Surrounded by cypress, spruce, beech, elm, and oak trees, which sprawl over four hectares of land, it’s the perfect place for peace and quiet. What’s more, Cameron Lodge is just 45 minutes from the Melbourne CBD.

Background to an historical treasure

Built by Edward Woods in 1886, Cameron Lodge was originally named Rahiri, but was christened anew in June 1916 by William Cameron, a director of British American Tobacco. Cameron subsequently created the glorious gardens for which Cameron Lodge is known.

Cameron, who died in 1949, was a merchant who emigrated from Scotland to Virginia. He began exporting tobacco to Australia on a regular basis in 1865, and went on to build tobacco factories in Sydney in 1873, Melbourne in 1878, Adelaide in 1880, and Brisbane in 1889.

In 1903, William Cameron Bros & Co Pty in Melbourne was joined by the Dixson Tobacco Co. to form the British-Australasian Tobacco Co Ltd. William Cameron and Robert Dixson became the directors of this newly formed organisation.

Memorable style

Full of historical features, Cameron Lodge still exudes all the grandeur it enjoyed in times gone by, offering guests the chance to experience this wonder for themselves.

Now under the ownership of Ann and Steve, Cameron Lodge retains its inherent character whilst cleverly adapting to the needs of modern visitors. Ann and Steve have taken great care to ensure that the authenticity of their fantastic getaway hasn’t been diluted.

From delightful features such as Roman baths, stonework, and pillars, to the decorative gardens and grounds which are bursting with colourful life, Cameron Lodge is almost like another world. Ann and Steve have focused on maintaining the traditional European-style garden, retaining it’s essence but bringing it up-to-date. Whether you want to enjoy a stroll through the garden or take in some of the area’s interesting architecture, such as Joan Anderson’s astonishing Temple of the Winds, there’s plenty to see and do during your stay at Cameron Lodge.

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